Soul Studio was founded 13 years ago and was the basis of Greek (r)evolution in professional tableware.
All the passion and knowledge of the years born new designs in fine dining area and changed this sector for good.

Today we create something more than the culinary canvas for any dish. We offer the perfect Mediterranean atmosphere
for an artistic creation. All of our tableware products offer an organic tempo, minimal volumes and functionality in each collection.

It’s about an alternative approach to the idea of gastronomic experience, inspired by simplicity and organic elements,
a “total concept” to customer’s personal needs, style and taste.
Luxury, gentle, vigorousness and high quality are core values within our brand philosophy.
The collections are based in cream white, black and retro colours, rustic vintage-oriented details in irregular shape and simple lines,
little rough elements which make a super real table statement. This lifestyle still defines Soul Studio being.

Our “Zeitgeist” is a simple but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create the “abstract idea”.
Our main aim is to create a distinct personality for every item: no one-size-fits all architecture, repetitive interiors, chefs or designers.
Our driving idea is to bring the unique cosmopolitan experience to your restaurant, to your resort, to your shop, to your space, inside you!
Always individual, always laid-back. Created for trend-conscious dreamers and life-designers!

For more information please see our Media Kit and our Collaborations.

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Soul kitchen's motto

Soul Studio’s motto