General Terms & Conditions

001. General Terms

The following information states SOUL STUDIO’s terms and conditions applying to the obligations and prerogatives of users visiting either the company’s website, as well as to the obligations and prerogatives of the company. The aim is to provide information and assistance regarding the processes of searching for and purchasing the company’s products, either from a physical shop or from our website.

Use of this website is subject to the terms cited here. If you continue to browse and/or use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the Terms of Use. Should you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not visit/use this website or its services.

Current Terms of Use are subject to modification or update, at any time and without prior notice. You are kindly requested to regularly check for updates and changes, since use of the website signifies compliance with all terms and conditions, as currently applicable.

002. The Company

SOUL STUDIO is a protected brand name, registered by “KORINA KATOPODI WHOLESALE”  (tax registration/ VAT no.: EL 129632677), a privately held company, headquartered in Greece. The production facility and central offices of Soul Studio are located in Athens.

SOUL STUDIO (Korina Katopodi Wholesale)

Administrative Headquarters: Kiriazi 24, Kifissia 145 62, Athens / Greece
T. (+30) 210 6230210

003. Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights

All contents of this website, including, without limitation, texts, graphics, drawings, photographs, illustrations, designs and generally records of any nature are the property of SOUL STUDIO and are governed and protected by the provisions of Greek, European and International law. Accordingly, the contents may not be reproduced, republished, sold, copied, distributed, transmitted, broadcasted or modified in any manner whatsoever, in part or in full, without the prior express written consent of the company.

004. Amendments

Texts published on this website, may contain inaccuracies or errors. Periodically, additions, revisions or modifications may occur regarding the information published in this website. Soul Studio reserves the right to, at its discretion, modify the products described in this website.

005. Personal Identifiable Information

SOUL STUDIO designed this website so that you may visit it without having to disclose your identity, unless you wish to do so. To initiate any price-list’s information with the company, though, you are required to post some identity information. When you send a quote, we shall ask for your full name/corporate name, e-mail address, phone number etc.

SOUL STUDIO strictly adheres to the regulations of Greek law regarding Privacy. All personal or corporate data provided by users are not disclosed to third parties, made public or exploited in any way. The data collected are only used where it is deemed absolutely necessary, for the fulfilment of the terms and conditions for services provided by , for information feedback, for selection of content provided so as to be relative to your requirements, for satisfying your requests regarding services and products available by and provided through, for information regarding products on offer and for proper site management purposes.

By exemption, may disclose users’ personal information in the following instances:

  • With your express permission, which can be cancelled at any time.
  • To third parties in collaboration with , when this is absolutely necessary for the fulfilment of the quote placed by the user.
  • If it is demanded by law and through court order, or requested by any other state or official authority.

SOUL STUDIO reserves the right to update or revise its Privacy Policy terms and conditions, to conform to future expansions or other modifications of its website or the services provided. The user has the right to request, at any time, for all his/her personal data stored to be deleted.

Processing and protection of the personal information of this website’s users are subject to these Terms and to the relevant provisions of Greek law (N.2472/1997: for the protection of individuals and of personal information, as complimented by the decisions of the President of the Personal Information Protection Committee) and European law. In this context, any potential relevant future regulation shall be adopted as an amendment.

This current statement regarding the Protection of Personal Information applies to the conditions for collecting and managing, by of personal information provided by the website users, visitors or members.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall be held liable for any damages caused to the visitor/user by reason or as a result of the use of the company’s website.

006. Cookies

SOUL STUDIO may collect users’ data, using Cookies or similar technology. Cookies are small files stored in the hard drive of each visitor/user’s system, which do not have access to any files in the computer. They are used in order to facilitate your access to specific services and/or pages available at the company’s website, as well as for statistical purposes in order to determine areas which are useful or popular.

You can adjust your web browser to recognise cookies sent to you and give you the option to refuse or allow them.

Please be aware that for certain services and pages in this website, use of cookies is a requirement and in case you don’t accept it, you will be denied further access to them.


Conditions of Sale

  1. These general terms and conditions shall govern all business transactions between the parties unless otherwise agreed in writing. The placing of an offer implies that the client has irrevocably accepted these present terms and conditions and that he expressly waives the right to enforce his own terms and conditions of purchase and sale.
  2. The contract of sale shall invariably be deemed to have been concluded at the seller’s registered office. Orders accepted by our representative shall only become binding once they have been confirmed by us in writing.
  3. The goods shall always be deemed to have been sold, delivered and accepted at our warehouses. As a result, all transport risks shall invariably be borne by the buyer.
  4. Our delivery lead times are furnished for indicative purposes only. Delays in delivery shall not entitle the buyer to rescind the contract at our expense or to seek damages.  Events of force majeure shall release the seller from his obligation to perform the contract.
  5. Orders placed by the client and accepted by us shall be collected within the pre-agreed timeframe. Non-collection shall entitle us, on the one hand, to ipso jure and without any prior formal notice rescind the purchase sale for fault of the buyer who, in that event, shall be liable for fixed damages of 20% of the cost price of the merchandise or, on the other hand, to force the buyer to accept delivery.  Any complaints in relation to the non-conformity of deliveries and invoices shall be made within 8 (eight) days of the delivery-dispatch of the invoice.  Complaints in relation to quantities shall be made at the time of delivery-acceptance.  Any complaints made beyond the aforementioned deadlines shall be deemed to have been voiced late.  In the event complaints are justified we shall be obliged to replace the goods that are not in conformity, though not to compensate the buyer in any other way.  The processing of goods implies that the buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods.
  6. Goods shall be paid for cash on delivery at our warehouses or upon presentation of our invoice. Invoices that are not settled upon presentation shall automatically and without formal notice incur moratorial interests at the rate of 1% per month.
  7. In the event the buyer were to default on the performance of the contract in any other way, including default of payment (non-payment or late payment), the client shall automatically and without formal notice be liable for fixed damages at the rate of 15% on the principal, including VAT, with a minimum of 15 EURO.
  8. It is hereby expressly agreed that the seller shall retain full ownership of the goods he has delivered until such time as the goods have been paid for in full. In the event of default we shall reserve the right to cancel the sale and to collect the goods even if they have already been forwarded to a third party, at the buyer’s expense, in which case the latter shall moreover be liable for damages of 20% of the price.